Welcome to the AnimalJamRealWorth WikiEdit

Welcome to the Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki. If you need help on what items are worth, this is the wiki for you. Rarity changes a lot, but we try our best to keep the site up-to-date. If you see a value you think is out-of-date, you can always edit it. If the page is locked contact a staff member.


We are currently looking for staff


If a magenta/unreleased item is not listed on our wiki, either its value is unknown or it's "priceless".

If a regular item is not listed here, it is likely worth a few RIMs. Don't suggest items that are barely worth anything.

See something wrong with the wiki that may need help fixing? Contact a staff member, or you can fix it yourself if the page isn't protected.

Vandals will be banned permanently, no exceptions.

Collectors items without significant demand have been removed. Explanation here.

Do NOT add pages for items worth less than a clothing beta.

Do NOT restore a page that was deleted by a staff member. Please ask them if you think it needs to be re-added.

Our values are based on what the majority of Animal Jam says something is worth. Do NOT edit pages with what you personally think things should be worth.


Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki Rules Edit

These rules apply to the Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki and are only to be edited by the Founder or by Admins. If these rules are not followed, it may lead to a block. 

  1. The only allowed swears are "hell/heck," "crap," "piss," "damn/dang," and "lmao," and those are only to be on threads and comments, not pages. Censored or abbreviated versions of non-allowed swears are not allowed.
  2. Do not badge farm or edit farm (editing only to have a lot of edits or to gain badges). Examples of this include changing the date for no reason or only editing one word (like changing "that" to "the").
  3. Do not vandalize pages nor add false information. This is punishable by a permanent IP ban, there is no exception including your "But my [Insert sibling here] did it!" It's not our fault you couldn't handle your account responsibly.
  4. Do not add false values. Have reasons for editing a value, don't just edit a value because your one friend "said so."
  5. Do not harass, troll, or bother other users.
  6. Do not spam. Advertising, commenting unrelated things, and using excessive spaces still count as spam.
  7. Do not misuse Message Wall rights or chat.
  8. Do not ignore any warnings from the admins.
  9. Do not ask for passwords or personal information.
  10. Do not impersonate people.
  11. Do not send suspicious or malicious links.
  12. Do not kpuppet (Create another account to either avoid a ban, break a rule, etc). If you decide to create an alternate account, please make sure to specify that it is your account on your profile.
  13. You are not allowed to beg for items, such as "I got scammed, give me things" or "Gift me this plz." Any comments like so will be deleted, and the user will be blocked.
  14. Do not treat suicide or similar affairs in a non-serious way.
  15. Do not make pages/articles for trading, instead write a blog or thread. Pages are only to be for item worth.
  16. Do not necropost. This counts towards any comment, thread, blog, etc that has been made more than 2+ months ago.
  17. Do not lie about having certain items just to brag. If you are found to be doing this, you will first be warned. If you continue to lie after being warned you will be blocked.
  18. Do not post fake/troll trades (Example: "trading my magenta furry for one den beta" when you're obviously really not).
  19. Legally, under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (or COPPA for short), you must be 13 years of age or older to use Wikia. However, since this is an Animal Jam related site, we will only enforce this rule if it needs to be.
  20. Do not restore pages that were previously removed. They were removed for a reason. Please ask a staff member first if you want a page to be restored. If you are caught restoring a page without permission or consent you will instantly get a 3 day block.
  21. This is an English wiki. Please use a translator if you don't speak English.
  22. Do not edit others' profiles, messages, comments, forum threads, nor blog posts without their permission. However, staff are allowed to do so if a user is posting rule-breaking content.
  23. We have permission to block you for finding loopholes to these rules as well.

Please note that we are not connected to Animal Jam in any way other than we play the game; we are not part of AJHQ or anything like that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member.

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